Stamp ink dries instantly on almost any surface.


The story

What is your task?

You can’t wait for inks to dry?

Quick drying inks take up to several minutes to dry. That is not “quick”.

dryteq takes less than 1 second to dry. No need to interrupt your production process.

No more smudged impressions due to wet ink. Always safe traceability in your assembly line.

A solution for quality clearance after visual inspection, plant revision or safe marking of genuine product; marking with dryteq increases the production process reliability which will remove any confusion!

dryteq impressions can usually remain when labels must not be used in cleanrooms.

Where handwriting with permanent markers leaves a rather questionable image, a “QA” stamp enhances the perceived quality of your products, that will  impress your customers!

Can a stamp be a permanent marker?

Permanent markers often result in illegible, bad handwriting and mistakes. Stamps instead ensure correct and legible values.

Are dryteq impressions permanent? If stored in protected environments, the impression is indeed permanent. In case that the impression is exposed to abrasion on the surface, you may risk your dryteq impression, as you risk the material surface in general.

How strong the impression “sticks” (adhesion) to the base material mainly depends on the material characteristics and its reactivity. The surface must be dry, clean, free of dust and oil. In addition there are materials that are more chemically reactive. Here, your dryteq ink impression “sticks” better.

If the material is designed in a way that “nothing sticks on it”, it will be very hard to stamp on it, e.g. PE or PP foil.

Permanent markers often dry out quickly, when you leave the cap open. Our dryteq ink cartridges remain fresh for months at room temperature, when inserted in the stamp.

You need a cheaper solution than labels or printers?

With dryteq you can make hundreds of impressions with one ink pad. It is impossible to give an exact number as it depends on your text plate. The more letters, the higher the ink consumption is.

Comparing the price of UV-proof labels with dryteq you will quickly notice that dryteq may be the better deal. (Total Cost of Ownership)

You need metal-free housing that does not leave scratches on painted metals?

Often, tools made of metal are restricted in production areas where newly painted metal products are assembled. dryteq comes in a plastic casing and is therefore safe to use.

You need a solution that allows freedom of movement?

With the dryteq UV-curing unit you can cure more than 1000 stamp impressions before recharging.

The ink remains fresh for months if stored in the stamp under room temperature.

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