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The dryteq UV-curing unit with up to 20 mm × 60 mm within 2 seconds.

If dryteq impressions last ‘permanently’ mainly depends on the material characteristics and surface conditions. Often, the situation is that manufacturers use a dual-sourcing-strategy, buying the same component from two suppliers to reduce supply risks. Here product tracebility is required for the manufacuter and its two suppliers. The expected lifetime is usually up to 6 months and only needed within the supply chain. This is where dryteq is an effective solution.

Yes, of course. The push button is designed in a way that safe operation with mounting gloves is possible. Of course it depends on the glove – there may be some that are too thick, but the standard types work perfectly.

I need dryteq with other stamp sizes. How can I get that?

J. D.

dryteq works currently with stamp sizes up to 20x60mm so e.g. 4922, 4910, 4911, 4912, 4810, 4836, 4850. Please use the Join the community & give feedback function to let us know what model and quantity you would need.

What laser rubber to use?

M. M.

dryteq works best with Trodat Aero+ laser rubber.