Stamp ink dries instantly on almost any surface.

dryteq stamp and curing device

Ideal for marking on metal, plastic or glass

Stamping with UV-curing. Tested on dozens of different materials.

Perfect legibility every time you stamp

It’s so simple.

dryteq is available in 2 variants

12 mm × 12 mm custom stamp with individual text

12 mm × 12 mm stamp with 4 mm letter set for self-setting

Both come with a dryteq UV curing unit.

Pocket size & lightweight gives flexibility

With just 7 cm × 3 cm × 3 cm and 39g the UV curing unit fits anywhere.

Wireless allowing freedom to move

Lasting more than 1000 illuminations, you are free to move regardless of power supply.

Available in 6 ink colors

Choose the color that suits your need.

black | white | blue | red | yellow | green